High frequency x-ray single tube-head tank with twin focus rotating anode.

General features

High-Frequency tube-head, designed for radiology applications, is composed by x-ray tube with rotating anode, high-voltage transformer, coolidge, voltage multiplying card. These elements are put inside to high dissipation stell case full of dielectric oil.

Main characteristics

  • Protection against escape radiations by means a covering of 2 m⁄m lead-plate on all surfaces of case to get a complete containment
  • Axial compensation of oil expantion due temperature increase through two tombaccus bellows
  • Thermostatic protection (optional)
  • Feed-back card for electric signal of KV and mA
Monoblocs 20Kw
Output power 20 Kw
Performance 100 KVp
Performance 200 mA
Power supply 6/10 KW
Voltage supply 300 V
Dimensions 320x176x275(H) m/m
Focale 0,8/1,3 m/m • 0,8/1,8 m/m
Monoblocs 30Kw
Output power 30 Kw
Performance 125 KVp
Performance 300 mA
Power supply 3 KW
Voltage supply 200 V
Dimensions 320x176x275(H) m/m
Focale 0,6/1,2 m/m